3 Must Haves for a Successful Global Strategic Meetings Management Program

Part two in a multi-part series on successfully globalizing a strategic meetings management program. Identifying constituencies affected by change, their reasons for resistance to change, and available tools to overcome their resistance to change, are the three ‘must haves’ to facilitate the implementation of a global program. Applied early and often these change management strategies […]

Simple Meetings. Why Do We Need RFPs?

Why are we still using RFPs to book simple meetings, when we could be using a completely automated touchless system?   Have you ever considered why it takes the same effort and number of days to book a simple meeting as it does a complex meeting?  It is because we are still using RFPs to […]

How Does Strategic Meetings Risk Management Impact Your Meetings Policy?

Compliance sections in meetings policies have expanded beyond the use of certain suppliers or approval processes, to include language that mitigates strategic risk.   In order to mitigate the risks associated with meetings & events, a meetings policy must address compliance to policy, suppliers, and processes, as well as compliance to strategic meeting & event […]

How to Successfully Implement a Global Strategic Meetings Management Program

Part One of a Multi-Part Series on Globalization If I learned one thing from my most recent four-year foray into designing and building a global strategic meetings management (SMM) program it’s that NOBODY WANTS TO BE TOLD WHAT TO DO BY CENTRAL, whether central is HQ telling the field, or the United States telling another […]

Meetings and Events: Be a Risk Mitigation Rock Star

Check out Debi Scholar’s blog on meetings risk management. She has some very interesting statistics gathered for American Express Meetings & Events that highlight the gaps between company policies and actual behavior. Very eye-opening.

26 More Ways to Mitigate Risk in Your Corporate Meetings & Events Program

My last article was overflowing with so many strategies to mitigate the risks associated with corporate meetings and events that I had to split it in two.  The last article focused on: Duty of Care Lapses Fiduciary Breaches Signature Authority Breaches Cancellation & Attrition Penalties Reporting Inaccuracies This article will focus exclusively on: Regulatory Violations […]

37 Ways to Mitigate Risk in Your Corporate Meetings & Events Program, Part 1

In my last blog post, which focused on identifying the main areas of risk in an organization’s meetings and events program, I promised that in my next blog post I would look at mitigation strategies for these risk areas. To recap from last time, there are six main types of risk in a meetings program, […]

If Your Company Conducts Meetings, Your Employees, Brand, and Finances are at Risk

Meetings remain a necessary way for us to communicate information, build relationships, and sell to our customers.  BUT, like with many things in life, there is a degree of risk associated with them, and where there’s risk, there’s also the responsibility of those of us in the industry to mitigate that risk.  And the risks […]

Strategic Meetings Data Management…Boring!

So you have a meetings technology system as part of your strategic meetings management (SMM) program, and you’re using it for all the usual tasks like managing attendance, facilitating sourcing, budgeting, and reporting.  But did you realize that your technology platform informs at least nine different critical areas of your SMM program, as shown in […]

Gaining Control of Unmanaged Spend and Risk in Strategic Meetings Management Programs

Strategic meetings management (SMM) programs range from the basic to the highly complex, however, there are three basic steps required in gaining control over unmanaged expense and containing risk.  The three steps are highlighted in red in the following graphic.  The other six elements shown in the graphic represent components of an SMM program that […]