So How Does Your Meetings Policy Rate?

Most organizations with a strategic meetings management program have a meetings policy, and many others are planning to develop one in the near future. But how many of those policies are comprehensive and address all the areas that a policy should? In a recent review of over 20 meetings policies I have found that most policies are lacking in key essentials, such as language to address compliance with regulatory and anti-bribery requirements, or the safety and security of event attendees.


See how your organization’s policy rates by using this simple evaluation tool, which will tell you how your policy rates in 21 key areas. The tool is based on a best practices meetings policy template I developed to help clients build out comprehensive meetings policies for their organizations. To access the policy review tool please click here Policy Assessment and then download and save it to your computer.

Policy Assessment

If, after completing the survey, you are interested in discussing the development of, or revisions to, your policy, please contact me at or call 609-466-0100.