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Shimon Avish Consulting LLC is a strategic meetings management consultancy that specializes in helping companies design and implement customized Meetings solutions.  Our solutions meet your business needs, and are compatible with your corporate culture.


  • Recognizing that every organization has different requirements for a strategic meetings management program, we utilize an Assess / Design / Implement / Sustain methodology in our work to determine your organization’s current capabilities to provide such a program to your internal customers, and to map out a future vision
  • Based on our findings, we design services for all program areas, including a roll out road map, and internal/external change management strategies
  • We then provide implementation support, including strategy and operations design


As part of our efforts we also provide free materials on all aspects of strategic meeting management.


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My materials are based on many years of helping companies build their strategic meetings management (SMM) programs.  They provide first hand insight into SMM and meetings and events risk management (MERM) from a 17 year industry veteran.  The materials include overviews, detailed explorations, and advice on the following areas:

✓   Policy
✓   Sourcing/Planning
✓   Data Management
✓   Program Consolidation
✓   Change Management
✓   Risk Management
✓   Compliance Management
✓   Payment Mechanisms
✓   Venue Supplier Strategy
✓   Program Globalization


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